8 tips for designing an awe-inspiring conversational user interface by Ajay Kapoor

In a world where chatbots and voice assistants dominate, conversational UI is the ultimate differentiator. Well, perhaps it’s not that easy task, but at least a chatbot must have a pre-established setting for the cases when it doesn’t know the answer. Also, it’s essential to offer a walkaround if the conversation hits a dead-end.

Five simple steps to unlocking effective conversational UI – Econsultancy

Five simple steps to unlocking effective conversational UI.

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Conversational interfaces are an effective way for companies to have a round-the-clock online presence and marketing, particularly for those with international market footprint. To illustrate, 58% of B2B companies and 42% of B2C businesses already use chatbots on their websites. A website needs to have a simple, user-friendly interface that makes online shopping a pleasant and enjoyable online shopping experience. If you are not sure why you should upgrade your ecommerce website, here’s a list of 10 reasons why you need a conversational user interface to stay ahead of the curve.

Voice Assistants

You need to hone the algorithms that will help the bot adapt to a particular user profile to increase personalization and relevance of output. As mentioned before in the Types section, the use cases may vary from basic a Q&A to a hands-on organizer to a powerful lead generation and marketing tool. It’s no wonder – there are just many routine things to keep track of. The system can also redirect to the human operator in case of queries beyond the bot’s reach. Api.ai – this one is a streamlined, no-nonsense tool where you can program the framework and hone it over time. With Api.ai you can quickly train multiple scenarios of reaction and diverse interpretations of intent and content.

What is conversational interface design?

A conversational user interface (CUI) is a user interface for computers that emulates a conversation with a real human.

Moreover, businesses now employ specialists in conversational marketing – an area of marketing-driven entirely by chat and voice interfaces. Consider whether there are too many or too few conversation stages conversational user interface before an endpoint is reached. While AI and machine learning are still far off and inaccessible to the vast majority of businesses, there are ways that allow you to tap into the rising potential today.

Conversational Marketing: The Ultimate Guide to Sales & Engagement

It connects various requests to specific intent and translates them into a clear set of steps. In terms of flight search engines, Skyscanner is the world’s largest independent travel site. 2016 saw the company raise $192 million for the growth of its engine and services. With conversational AI and chatbots receiving more and more attention, Skyscanner became one of the first to offer a Facebook Messenger bot. In a conversational user interface you can ask a question, place an order, or get information by talking to the machine. Includes another layer of interaction that assesses the ability of the bot to satisfy the incoming request.

conversational user interface

They connect backend services and functionality to up-front customer chats. Within automated customer service paradigms, conversational UI is a pivotal element. And this is critical, because it ensures a company’s customer service is available all the time.

How to Build a Better Voice Bot

In addition, ML capabilities allow the software to learn from past performance data to help employees prioritize the handling of everyday requests. This is the one people most likely to encounter while interacting with a chatbot. The chatbot presents users with an answer or clarification question based on the input. In most basic bots, users receive a list of commands to choose from.

  • Here are several areas where these solutions can make an impressive impact.
  • Virtual Assistants are also known as Chatbots and they are the products that use the conversational UI to communicate with the user.
  • Everything would be pointless if you leave the users playing the guessing game about the functions and features your CUI is about to serve.
  • Every detail in conversational UI/UX should be considered to mitigate the skepticism of those customers whose initial experience was corrupted by a low-quality chatbot.
  • In more sophisticated cases, a customer support assistant can also handle notifications, invoices, reports, and follow-up information.
  • Often, customers need advice on whether they make the right decision.

They shape their input-output features and improve their efficiency on the go. You can type anything in its conversational interface from “cats” to “politics”, and relevant news appears instantly. Unlike their voice counterparts, chatbots became quite a widespread solution online businesses adopt to enhance their interaction with customers. Simply put, it’s an interface connecting a user and a digital product by text or voice.

Conversational Interface Use Cases

They simply won’t comprehend what actions they need to take if every time these actions are named differently. It would be better to be consistent and use some selected words throughout the conversation. The chatbot on the image below asks customers what they’re craving without options’ limitation, therefore can’t eventually understand the responses. The biggest challenge is making chatbots more human-like without pretending to be real humans . It is very important that user testing is done on a chatbot before releasing it to the market.

conversational user interface

Siri allowed users of iPhone to get information and complete actions on their device simply by asking Siri. In the later years, Siri was integrated with Apple’s HomePod devices. In particular, we have extended a generic CUI metamodel with RBAC primitives that enable the definition of fine-grained access control policies for all key CUI elements . Several works emphasize the importance of considering security, and especially access-control as highlighted in the above scenarios.

Keep Conversation Quality and Flow in Mind

For example, 1–800-Flowers encourages customers to order flowers using their conversational agents on Facebook Messenger, eliminating the steps required between the business and customer. After introducing the chatbot, 70% of its orders came from this channel. A comScore study showed that 80% of mobile time is dedicated to the user’s top three apps. Hence, it’s much easier and more effective to reach customers on channels they already use than trying to get them to a new one. Chatbots help businesses automate simple tasks that would have otherwise taken up a signification amount of time (e.g., customer support or lead qualification).

conversational user interface

They answer the questions of the customer as employees of the company would provide. In research, it is revealed that users are more likely to interact with the bots or when it is more connected to them or like it should feel like they are interacting with human beings. Consider the voice you want your brand to have – is it the helpful everyman, the knowledgeable sage, or a mold-breaking rebel? Let your conversational user interface express this, be it through a unique text-to-speech voice or an identifiable writing style.


The main thing here to remember is that a conversational interface should correlate with your brand values and act as a brand ambassador. The rest is up to you and your business to decide what voice your chatbot will have. Emotion is the tone of the language which includes anger, fear, joy, sadness, and disgust. Some of the chatbot platforms are using this in their chatbot messenger to understand the emotions of the user’s mood and process text messages into the chat window. Test cases need to be written to understand the emotions and respond appropriately to user emotions. We could perform this aspect of testing by adding more and more small casual talks, and subsequently, we need to compare the responses with the bots reply to these talks.

  • The ultimate goal is to provide a customer with a great conversational user experience, so go from there.
  • Natural language processing and machine learning algorithms are parts of conversational UI design.
  • You need to teach the bot to interpret the input text and deliver relevant responses.
  • Hence, in many cases, using a chatbot can help a brand differentiate and stand out from the crowd.
  • For instance, a CUI embedded into an e-learning system will provide different answers depending on the user who queries the marks .
  • The most stunning example of a chatbot’s personality I’ve ever seen is an AI-driven bot Kuki .

With more complex requests, there are many parameters involved, and it becomes a very time-consuming part of building the tool. RPA refers to software robots that run virtually and automate digital workplace tasks such as data entry. It displays a greeting message that welcomes users on its home page. You can type or voice your task or query through the prompt at the bottom of the page. The Erica display also displays a message that says, “See what Erica can do,” which shows all its functions when clicked.

Some publications do not mention this type of chatbot when talking about conversational interfaces as it doesn’t give the user complete freedom to request and react. However, the bot does use conversation as a mean of achieving a goal as well as abides conversational principles, hence should not be left out. Chatbots, developed by chatbot development companies in India revolutionize the way online businesses interact with customers. A good web design company can help you choose between an AI-driven chatbot and a Rule-based chatbot.

Freshworks shines up CX and CRM offerings with new conversational AI features – VentureBeat

Freshworks shines up CX and CRM offerings with new conversational AI features.

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