How to Interview an Investor

As a pre-MBA or recent graduate, landing your dream job is no easy task. Once you’ve sent in your resume, passed initial screenings, and landed an interview, there are several questions you’ll be asked regarding your background, experience and capabilities. One of the most important interviews you’ll have is with an investor, who will decide whether or not to invest in your business idea. The preparation for these interviews can aid you in preparing for the interview and gain the capital you need.

How big do you think the Market for Your Product?

This question can help the investor gauge the potential of your company. They will want you to inform them of how big the market for your product and services is and how you plan to tap into it. Be sure to be realistic and ambitious with your projections.

What do you think are the most significant risks and threats to your business?

While every business is not without its risks, investors will be interested to know what you are planning to do to avoid them. Having a solid plan for the future will prove that you are confident in your ability to grow the company and make it successful.

Do some research on the investor prior to interviewing. next This will provide a better understanding of their interests and the types of companies they’ve invested in and the way they work with entrepreneurs. You can also try to find interviews they’ve published on the internet or in print where they talk about their investment approach and what they’re looking for in a company.

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