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Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed. Whether you’re embarking on a new career path or seeking to adapt to the evolving market, the remote tech sector stands ready to welcome new talent. Slack also supports popular video collaboration platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams Calls. If your team is sharing a new draft of a file every time someone edits it, you’re risking errors.

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This activity is a type of online social event and a virtual employee engagement activity, as well as a virtual team building exercise. The key to hosting an incredible virtual lunch and learn is to make it engaging and to keep it light. But when done right, you can host virtual lunch and learns that are equal parts enjoyable and educational and, most importantly, that your employees actually want to attend. Some good virtual lunch and learn ideas include online book clubs, ask me anything sessions, eye-catching invitations, and peer to peer lessons. These events are an example of online employee engagement ideas, corporate workshops, and virtual lunch activities, and are a way to improve company culture.

Skill-Sharing Sessions

But little problems have a way of growing larger while you’re not looking, and eventually, you’ve got a crisis on your hands. Health Monitor prevents this by prompting teams to self-assess on a regular basis and keep their weaknesses from becoming full-blown liabilities. An often-overlooked place to work for the day is at a local hotel lobby. While hotels usually provide secure wifi and a business center for guests, some hotels may have public networks within the lobby. In addition, those hotels with a business center may include printing services and a quiet place to take a phone call.

As people sign up for your remote lunch break and the date of the function approaches, you’ll need to reimburse people for the food they’ll consume during the event. You can do that by sending a gift card with a pre-set spending limit to each participant. Alternatively, your virtual team can pay for their own food and then submit their receipts for reimbursement after the lunch comes to an end. Keep in mind the benefits when you brainstorm virtual lunch ideas for a remote team. Use the agenda to organize the flow of the virtual lunch and stay on track with time. Remote lunches are one of the easiest online team building activities to plan and execute.

What do you do at a virtual lunch?

Bring everyone together to share their opinions and discoveries with the group. We’ll email you 1-3 times per week—and never share your information. Managers are not necessarily https://remotemode.net/ the single source of truth; my dev team often had better answers than I did. Here are four things I learned from leading a team of developers for six months.

FlexJobs is a respected platform for remote job seekers, but it also has a blog with a wide range of advice for work-from-home employees. The blog caters to a wide audience, from those just beginning their remote journey to those growing an established remote business. With contributions from experienced authors and experts in the productivity space, Trello aims to help remote workers thrive in their remote jobs. Participants are much likelier to attend lunch and learns after RSVP-ing. Plus, organizers can send reminders so that guests do not forget. Not to mention, an RSVP system can help organizers predict turnout, and cancel the event if there is not enough interest.

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These lectures include interactive elements like icebreakers and remote Bingo to keep audience members engaged and participating. A subject expert leads the one hour event, answering questions and keeping energy high. The talks are available on fun and irreverent topics like Zombies remote work blog and Philosophy, Beer and Sharks, and Cereal and Serial Killers. Hosts link subjects in unexpected ways, share extraordinary facts, reveal lesser-known history, and shift perspectives. Cook a meal together with an instructor and get a predetermined list of ingredients.

  • The remote can also consider setting a home office rotation schedule with other remote working friends to keep things lively and fresh.
  • Dineable does all the logistics for a full catering for your virtual event, happy hour or virtual lunch, everything from snack boxes, cheese tasting, to full blown dinners.
  • When you sign your team up for a paid encounter with a zoo animal, your money will support the care rendered to all the animals who call the zoo home.
  • FlexJobs has a lot of guides for in-demand work-from-home jobs, from virtual assistant positions to software development roles.
  • Our recent study found that only 15.5% of businesses intend to return to 100% office work.

This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the virtual lunch runs without any hiccups. A virtual cooking class or demonstration is a fun and interactive way to bond with coworkers over food. A professional chef can teach the team how to make a specific dish, or team members can take turns teaching each other their favorite recipes. This is a great way to learn new cooking skills and get to know your coworkers better. It’s also a good opportunity to take a break from work and have some fun during the lunch hour.

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